8 Top Tips to Dodge Colds & Flu This Year


We all know that colds, coughs, sniffles and sneezes are annoying but sometimes it is a little hard to figure out how to prevent them or improve them once we are sick. Here are a few tips to help our PWG community stay healthy this season, keeping you active and loving life!

1) Use the power of healthful protein. One of protein’s vast number of important jobs is pumping up your ability to make disease-busting antibodies. Keep away from fatty red meats and full-fat dairy foods for the duration of your sickness as they promote heart-hazardous inflammation. Pick up healthy-fat, high-protein foods, such as nonfat dairy, skinless white-meat chicken, ground turkey breast, tofu, fish, nuts, and beans.

2) Stock up on colorful foods, particularly fruits and vegetables. Oranges, strawberries, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, kiwifruit are all loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids, which help your body churn out protective immune cells. These will keep your body fighting off current and further potential illness!


3) Load up on hot tea. People who drink 5 cups or roughly 3 mugs of black tea daily produce up to 10 times greater amounts of the virus-fighting interferon than coffee drinkers. Steering away from caffeine when your body is under stress is also advised, as it can place excessive strain on an already troubled immunological system.

4) Use lots of garlic and onions in your cooking at this time. As well as making your food super tasty, they will also vastly increase your intake of sulfurous viral fighting agents, an excellent way to help your body destroy negative bacteria and help flush out toxins.

5) Make some spicy chicken soup. If you catch something anyway, chicken soup has been shown to shorten its duration by up to 50%. One theory about why is that cooked chicken releases cysteine, an amino acid that’s chemically similar to acetylcysteine, a bronchitis drug. Up the soup’s powerful flu fighting punch by tossing in infection-fighting garlic and hot red pepper, which contains capsaicin, a powerful decongestant.

6) Decreasing your sugar intake should be one of your main goals if you are fighting with a cold or trying to prevent it. There is strong scientific evidence suggesting that sugar decreases the function of the immune system. Sugar also severely depletes the body of some very important cold-fighting vitamins, including vitamins C, E and B. When maintaining a low-sugar diet, read food labels carefully as many apparently “healthy” foods contain extremely high helpings of refined sugar. Many processed foods that may not even taste particularly sweet often contain high amounts of hidden sugar.

7) Zinc may be helpful in protecting against a range of infections too. It enhances the immune system and may reduce the intensity of cold symptoms as well as the duration of colds. It can be found in animal products as well as nuts, legumes and certain grains.

8) Drinking water keeps the mucus lines in the throat damp, which helps flush viruses and bacteria down to the stomach where your powerful internal acids eradicate them. Drinking plenty of fluids when you have a cold is also important because you lose far more fluids when you are sick. Stick to water, unsweetened fruit juices or soup and avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can deplete immune-boosting nutrients and cause dehydration, which can exacerbate a colds duration and effects.

So, with all that being said, the best way to prevent any excessive chance of catching a cold or going down with a bug is to eat proper food, unprocessed, within a varied and stimulating diet. There aren’t any cheats here; a supplement may help now and again but it is no replacement for a fully balanced and focused diet, especially in the taste department.

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