Acne? Bacne? Eat Your Way to Clear Skin

Everyone has experienced unwanted blemishes at some point in their lives. But some have had more than their unfair share of acne, bacne or both. Most people go to the doctor and ask for a prescription; however, there is an easier more long term solution without the side effects of prescription medication.

Eat your way to clear skin.

Side effects from a typical acne medication reads something like this:
* Change in body weight
* Change in libido
* Breast tenderness

* Tiredness

* Depression
* Mood swings

* Tooth discoloration
* Impaired liver function
* Thrombosis
* Skin pigmentation variance

* Fluid retention
* Headache
* Tumor
* Skin allergies
* Decreased hearing
* Photosensitivity
* Suicidal tendencies
* Muscular pain

* Behavioral disorders

* Dry eyes

* Dizziness

* Hypertension

* Change in menstrual flow
* Leg cramps

Want the medication version now? I highly doubt it. why pay those high prices for clear skin when you can eat your way to it?

Refined sugar intake is one of the main reasons why people suffer acne. Polysaturated fats are another. Snacking on refined sugary snacks from the local convenience store attribute to those blemishes! So STOP, take action and start eating a healthier daily diet.

#1 Dark Berries

Dark berries are not only a fabulous source of antioxidants they also contain a healthy amount of fiber which, in turn, can assist with regulating insulin in our bodies. Insulin helps us to disperse our sugar properly preventing blemishes

#2 Brown Rice

One portion a day of brown rice not only provides a rich source of B vitamins, protein, selenium and magnesium, as well as several antioxidants, but also helps to regulate your sugar levels by releasing energy slowly throughout the day rather than all at once like processed carbs do.

#3 Pumpkin Seeds

One of PWG’s favorites and a perfect vegan option, Pumpkin Seeds are high in vitamin E, zinc and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, making them a good veggie skin clearing substitute. Try sprinkling a handful of pumpkin seeds over your salad instead.

#4 Acai

These tiny purple fruits are one of the most potent forms of antioxidants in the world, and as such, are fabulous for skin health, as they help to eliminate toxins and free radicals in the body.

#5Sweet potatoes

Not reserved just for the holidays sweet potatoes contain Vitamin K protein and Vitamin E, the skincare vitamin. Serve them up as a gluten-free option to pancakes in the morning or as an evening side dish.

#6 Green Tea

A catch all remedy as old as man, green tea provides the nutrients our skin needs and helps us lower our cholesterol that makes our face the oily mess it is!

#7 Red Grapes

High in antioxidants and the anti-carcinogenic reservratol red grapes are used in many skin treatments and creams to help with blemish and can also help delay the aging process, so pop a few or many as often as you like. Try it frozen – a cool treat for a hot day.

#8 Cottage Cheese

Healthy in fats and proteins cottage cheese also is packed full of selenium. These combinations are often touted as a skin clearing boost! Spread on crackers, use as a veterinarian lasagna filling but only if you aren’t lactose-intolerant making it a great choice.

#9,10 & 11

WATER, WATER WATER!! When you fail to hydrate your skin it will increase oil production causing even more blemishes. So many people make the mistake of thinking their oily skin doesn’t need hydration but rather drying it. This is a common misnomer and very incorrect. All skin needs and craves hydration. Make sure you are getting two liters of water everyday to maintain your glowing complexion.

Finally, the next time you are tempted to go to the doctor for some meds, try some or all of the above for a natural way to combat acne. Acne bacne be gone!

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