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With the marketing of what seems to be millions of skincare lines these days the choices can be overwhelming and the prices even more so. So much so that when a “sale” on the product making it cost under $100 gets us excited, And we pay more when we hear the words “ all natural” or “organic”.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just walk in the kitchen, head to the pantry for our coffee, grab a few extra ingredients and know we had our daily skin care ritual ready? Of course it would and it is completely possible!

Here are 5 kitchen skin care remedies that every household has at their disposal and all under $5.

For that one unruly blackhead or pimple:

Garlic’s antibiotic benefits are fairly well-known but its anti-fungal attributes are not. By simply peeling and slicing one clove of garlic lengthwise you can gently rub it on the affected area to prevent further bacterial growth. This will assist in both drying out the area and drawing to the surface any unwanted toxins.

For acne:

Use the recipe for the coffee facial treatment (below) but add a bit of ground cloves (I prefer to grind mine at the time of use) This will sting a bit so make sure that you do a skin test prior to applying everywhere. The cloves are a natural astringent and can rid your flare up with in 30-45 minutes.

For those puffy eyes:

Chamomile teabags are a wonderful remedy for puffy eyes. Whether allergy inflicted or perhaps a long night after a break up or you imbibed a bit too much, this age-old remedy will both soothe your mind and your swollen eyes.

Simply steep the tea bags for 60 seconds in lukewarm water and place over closed eyes.

For sun spots, inflammation, acne, easy facial treatment, or body scrub:


Mmm mmm good. The oil in the coffee bean holds loads of antioxidants which help to heal sun spots, inflammation, acne, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and can brighten up dull brunette hair!

Facial treatment: use the brewed coffee grounds and add a small bit of coconut oil. Use two fingers and lightly scrub your upper chest, neck and face and be sure to stay clear of your eyes and always move in small circular motions inward to tighten rather than stretch your skin. Rinse with a soft soap (I love Dr. Bronner’s Lavender peppermint) and pat dry. Your skin will radiate youth.

Body Scrub: mix half brewed grounds, half dry grounds with coconut oil or even better almond oil. And liberally scrub over your body while in the shower. Do this on dry skin for a blood vessel stimulation, drawing the blood outward will assist in breaking down those unwanted fats on the skin surface and leave your skin with a smooth polished look.

For deep conditioning of hair:

One of my favorite oils in the kitchen is olive oil. I love doing a deep conditioning treatment of my hair with olive oil.

Simply place a ¼ cup of olive oil in a bowl of hot water until it is warm to the touch but not too warm to handle. Comb through your hair completely covering from the scalp to the end of the hair follicle. Use a recycled plastic grocery bag and tie it around your head keeping in the heat and moisture for 10-15 minutes. Wash, condition and dry your hair as you normally would and listen to the complements.

Additional tips:

Rosemary is such a well-known herb, but did you know that washing your hair with rosemary brings out the lushness of brunettes and redheads?

Lemon is great for the blondes. Squeeze some lemon into your oil treatment to bring out those natural blonde highlights so often hidden in your natural hair.

There are many many more kitchen skin care tips and if you want more, let us know.
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