How to Inspire Yourself & Others This Valentine’s Day

Oh, how sweet it is! Valentine’s Day again (insert heart-eyed e-motions). Dia de Amor y Amistad. Definitely a day to cherish those in your life who are near and dear to you. A once bloody gruesome holiday, it has now turned into a huge marketed day to embrace and adore. So, how can you inspire and stay inspired with or without a lover this holiday?
Well, to begin you can practice loving people you don’t even know. Yes, strangers need love as well. Sometimes this is easier than practicing on actual friends and lovers, because intellect and the ego are not as likely to sneak in with desires and hidden agendas. In traffic, which we know Panama has plenty of, pick someone in a nearby car or focus on someone on the bus. See this person, accept this person, approve of this person. Know that this person is doing right in their own eyes and allow this person to be exactly as they are. And why not?…We’re all the same, going through the same stuff. Everybody has a point of view with opinions attached to it. Instead of cursing people who don’t agree with you, you can bless them with love and compassion as they are. Now that’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day icon smile How to Inspire Yourself & Others This Valentines Day Oh, and practicing compassion towards yourself is also a great way to honor this day. Because honestly, we all know that if you can’t love yourself, you can’t really love someone else–not fully.

Watch your favorite movie, take a long soak, play some rugby, surf all day long, go kiteboarding, or just sleep in and order your favorite meal. Just remember this Valentines’s day to keep up the inspiration. Perhaps you draw an elaborate heart on the mirror the night before so when you wake up you can read a little love message as you wash your face.

Hide little notes starting today for you or your loved one around the house, most likely you will forget where they all are and find them after the holiday for another reminder of how special you are to yourself or how special your loved one is to you!

No Money? No worries, make a home movie about all that you love in yourself and send it in an e card for that special day! There are so many easy and numerous ways to keep up your inspiration for yourself and other you merely need to get creative and always remember to love yourself first

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