Letting Go of Fear & Shame, Gaining Everything

It’s time to let it all go. All that self-hate talk and embarrassment you may be feeling or inner guilt. You know that you shouldn’t be doing it, but there it is, still infiltrating your being. I am here to tell you STOP! Right now!

Self-sabotage is one of the worst toxins your body and mind can experience. Although other people’s words do and can have a negative effect on us it is actually our own thoughts that ring deepest in our souls. We forget that fear is a natural part of life, but it is a choice. Actually, in the movie After Earth there is a great quote about fear, “

“Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

It’s true you know, and where there is fear unrealized there is shame. Shame is such a dirty word, I almost don’t even want to type it. I can think of many other naughty or nasty words I would rather use than shame. It instantly makes me want to hang my head low and not see anyone I know. And I haven’t even done anything.

By letting go of both fear and shame, you gain everything! Seriously, I know it sounds cliche but it isn’t. Letting go you gain back your confidence, your self esteem, your inner glow and most importantly your whole self.

Meditation is a fabulous way to recover from the fear and shame game. As the quote above points out, our thoughts become things. This isn’t the first time we have heard this before I am sure; however, it holds true – for us. Our thoughts do become things, so why are we so insistent on thinking negative things about ourselves?

Let’s change it for 2014! Think positive thoughts and gain everything. My best suggestion is for you to go get a tablet of paper right now. Write down the top ten things you fear or feel shame about. Now write down the ways you sabotage yourself or inflate these things. Good news, you are now aware. Now on a separate piece of paper write down the ways you can overcome each of these items in a positive way; i.e., I am afraid of becoming obese, I constantly tell myself I am fat. I will remind myself how I am beautiful and love my body everyday.

This process with help you to let go and gain it all, literally everything you could ever want. So why wait? Today is the day to begin your new life without fear or shame, play the self-love game and watch your dreams and wishes come true!
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