Massage Addicts

Let’s cut right to the chase, massages are heaven, period. Sure, every once in awhile we come by that rare human form who says they do not like or enjoy massages…c’mon folks, if you don’t like massage, of any kind, then you do not like being touched, right?
Now of course for those of us who have become utter and complete massage addicts (yes, that’s me) we can all agree not all massages are created equal. Through out the years of massage addict perfecting I have both walked away ten minutes into a massage and begged for the massage to never end. Obviously, the latter being much more of a desirable situation. So truth be told, how the heck does one go about becoming a massage addict? And, how can you weed out the good ones and the run-away massages?
Becoming a massage addict really is a no brainer. My personal story begins with my mom and her sisters, who I realized by the age of 8 were also massage addicts. The regularly held massage sessions and since some of them were practicing massage therapists, the massages were always divine. These definitely set me up for my own addiction at a very early age. By the time I hit high school, facials and massages were occurring quarterly (my mom was addicted enough to not spend all of her massage allowance on a teenager). After moving to Central America, I realized that twice a week massage packages were a fraction of the price! About what I had been spending on Starbucks per month and way more rewarding! ($150 for 8, 90 minute massages). Of course, as the addiction progresses I began to realize that the price of the massages increase. It is as if you become immune to the regular relaxation massages with the aromatherapy and oils. You crave deeper. That fine line between pain and euphoria…if you cannot relate to that, I have to break it to you…you are NOT a massage addict. Hot stones are no longer enough and you begin your journey to search out that “perfect massage”.
With this notion, you stop asking for masseuses and begin asking for massage therapists. You know the ones, those amazing hands on therapists who know the anatomy of your body and work right into that problem area. The ones that, although ashamed to admit it, push your limits so far I actually bit mine. Oh my goodness, did I just right that in a public forum? It’s true though. My therapist is a hero of mine and still to this day I receive massages from him…but, yes I bit him! I know you all want to know why, it was just pushing an ancient injury and I needed a release and his arm happened to be right in front of my face, oops. Or rather ouch! Such a shameful moment. I have found out that many clients who have complained have heard this story of my biting. Thank goodness he didnt throw me away as a client! Because truthfully, this is another cunundrum of massage addicts. The good therapists are obviously limited on time and if you dont pay, behave badly or they dont like your vibe, they wont think twice about dropping your kinked body!

Yes, addiction is complicated!

So how do you know what massage is the one to be addicted to, or who should you receive it from?
I have found the best way is to find a friend who has a similar lifestyle as you do and see who they are using. For instance, athletes or high stress work environments produce tight muscles and stress. Others may not be stressing their bodies as much and prefer lighter tissue work. Therapists also should know their best qualities of massage and which fits best for your body. I personally love, repeat: LOVE Thai massage and the bite producing Tui Na therapies. The stretching that even I cannot do on my own through daily yoga and deep tissue repairing the damaged muscles and breaking up of the muscle sheath (I know it sounds like a mouthful, just wait for its body effect) are like good drug. The day after I often feel like a Mac truck hit me, but oh how it is worth it. Think about those wild nights out of your youth, you forget the hangover dont you?
I usually help people overcome all addictions, yet this one is, well, let’s just say I don’t see myself ever saying ” I am a recovering massage addict”! So whether it is to reduce cellulite, stress, pain or just induce relaxation, get out there and get on board with the massage-addicts!
In Panama in particular, we have many well-trained therapists and luckily for all of you Panama Wellness Group has been busy compiling a new directory of vetted therapists. Yee-haw!
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