5 Simple Tips for Clearer Skin

5 Simple Tips for Clearer Skin

Having just landed in Panama a few days ago and started to sweat copious amounts of precious bodily fluid already, I have had quite the cleansing time for my skin. Although I now feel about 20lbs lighter than when I first arrived due to my water weight loss, I have definitely seen a big improvement in it. Your skin is an organ and therefore reflects both internal and external factors in its health, so let’s try and see what little tips and tricks we can use to make it look, feel and be more healthy.

clearer skinSweat More!

Having just mentioned this, I will explain it here: sweating opens up and cleanses the pores of your skin, the vital openings that allow fluid out of your body. By cleaning out any dirt deposits inside or around these areas, as well as any additional excess oils, the pores are kept clean and the skin looks and feels healthier. If you ever needed an excuse to be a sweaty beast, this is it! I have to say that as a man who is quite sweaty, especially in an equatorial environment, the sweaty nature of the place has been very positive for my skin health. Just not so much for the nasal enjoyment of others around me.

Eat a Variety of Tasty Fruits and Vegetables

In terms of skin care, there really isn’t a better solution than minding what you eat. By eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, you offer your organs (including your skin) the best chance to be optimally healthy. For example, bananas give you a high amount of Vitamins A and C, which offer you restoration of vital oils and reduce oxidation respectively. Papaya, a fruit that seems to be everywhere in Panama, is also amazing with regards to skin health, being packed full of heaps of enzymes and Vitamin A. Many fruits and vegetables offer your skin a packed punch of goodness, so do a little research and check out other articles on the Panama Wellness Group for more info.

Drink More Water. Mas Agua!!!

Water is pretty cool stuff, being that we would die if we didn’t have any of it. It is also necessary for the health of our skin, hydrating all the cells in your body and making them attractively plump. It also helps to flush out toxins and helps replace the fluid you lost whilst sweating copiously in response to the first point in this article! It also helps with generating energy, which helps even more with the sweatiness. Huzzah! Also, coconut water is fantastic for you, having the same composition as your blood. For more info, read this article on coconuts.

Massage My Face

Massage is really helpful in terms of maintaining skin elasticity and collagen release, which help keep your skin firm and smooth. This can also help stimulate the lymphatic drainage system, one of the body’s ways of removing and reducing inflammation and toxins, which helps to improve skin quality too! There are many places here in Panama for a wonderful massage.   Check PWG’s service directory for massage therapists.


A simple way to keep any of your muscles in good condition is to flex them and generally use them, in the way nature intended. So my advice is to smile, keep your facial muscles well used and then the rest will look after itself. Also, you will look and feel more positive, which is immediately a recipe for being more radiant and healthy.

So, if you are looking for super healthy skin and a radiant look, I would suggest that you follow some of these tips. You may not notice the difference on the same day but over the long term these will have a seriously profound affect on the way your skin looks and feels. Good luck to you.


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