The first thing we were gifted in this world was our breath. Over time this precious gift has been forgotten. Our lives, our beliefs, our experiences, and our histories are created throughout our lifetimes. At the end of our lives we are left with the only thing we started with, our breath.

With a small amount of consciousness we can return to the air that connects us all. Feeling and following the breath will help us to maintain our balance and inner peace. This is vital for a healthy life, allowing us to flow from the spiritual to the physical world with ease.

Right now, take a moment to find the triangle shape on your face. This area includes the rim of your nose, upper lip, and inside of your nostrils.

Feel the air pass in and out of your nose and upper lip as you inhale and exhale. Follow the perfection of the natural flow.  It is important when learning to feel sensations that we begin with a small area allowing us to devote our complete attention.

Try practicing this technique with your eyes closed in a quiet room without a fan and music, creating the ideal area for your meditation will allow you to expand your practice.

If you find it hard to follow the breath due to abundance of thoughts entering your mind, inhale and exhale for a few breaths always returning to the natural rhythm. Allow thoughts to pass through, keeping yourself in a state of observation.

Feeling the sensation of your breath will allow you to become an observer in life. This creates more peace and the ability to surrender and enjoy each moment as it passes.

The present moment is where perfection lies, allowing us to accept all, becoming more understanding, compassionate, and loving with each breath we take.

Believing in yourself and doing your part will help us all to co-create a better world.

Thank you for your effort in returning to breath, I send you love.


@2014 Hillary Sapulveda

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