Change of Seasons Change of Pace

Oh yeah baby, summertime in Panama is here! As we enter the month of February, we have a quickened pace of life.  Dry Season!

So how can we manage this new pace of life, now that the slinky rains from the gods of humidity are slowing down?

Well to start, GET OUTSIDE! With all of these new adventures coming up in Summer there are bound to be a few stressful days out there and that vitamin D from our old friend the sun will help us to cope. Thanks to our past couple of governments, we now have many beautiful options to enjoy the outdoors right here in the city, from the Causeway, to the 7km of the Cinta Costera to our newly-refurbished oldie but good ole Parque Omar, short of city bicycle lanes, the outdoors is our oyster to be had.

So strap on those roller blades, join Yoga for The People class, hit one of the new parks with outdoor gym equipment or just head out for a stroll. Panama has outdoor wellness available all over, and best of all…it’s FREE!

Exercise is well-recognized as a combatant to stress, a sleep and digestive aide, not to mention a body-reshaping tool.

Now is the best time to make that change. Let’s make a 90-day commitment with the PWG team. 90 days of getting outside for no less than 20 minutes a day. Bike, walk, run, skate, surf, swim, lay out in the sun, it makes no matter. Absorb the goodness of the sunshine and watch not only the seasons change but your attitude as well!

In the Andes’ winter, new moms give their babies 20 minutes of sun every day, even in freezing temperatures to combat jaundice and colic. This age old practice is one we all can learn from. Change of seasons, change of pace, change of attitude all = peace of mind. Here are PWG’s top 5 ways to enjoy the new season for FREE

1. Run, Bike, Walk the Cinta Costera
This is top on the list for the convenience of being city center located with an abundance of parking and the spanning of 5 neighborhoods. With beautiful views along the Bay of Panama, workout stations, km markers and loads of people watching you can definitely enjoy the benefit of the Cinta for 90 days and see something new each day.

2. Join an outdoor exercise group

Panama is really coming up in the world with the likes of Yoga for the People, Panama Hace Yoga, Moms on the Move and Bicycle groups. There are weekend activities always in a beautiful, nature-oriented location for free or charitable donation that will get you somewhere you may have never been, benefit others and you can enjoy with the whole family.

3. Get wet!
Panama is dotted with public pools all over the city. Although not free, they are $2 and under (if you don’t already have access to one in a building). Swimming laps is very healthy for all. If you have a bad back or may be feeling a bit too heavy to go sweat it out on the Cinta, get wet, cool off and move around a bit in the water!

4. Exercise in one of the newly installed outdoor gyms.
With over 18 outdoor gyms in neighborhood parks you no longer need to worry about joining a gym. The machines all have very detailed instructions (with pictures) from elliptical to resistant weight lifting you can achieve a complete circuit training outdoors and free of charge! C’mon Panama let’s utilize these amazing benefits of the parks. Before we know it Panama can be the healthiest American Nation!

5.  Salt it up!
My heart floats somewhere off the coast in the Caribbean. Salt water is such a healing element. Great for your skin, hair and state of mind and only 45 minutes from downtown. Surf, swim or just frolic with friends. Panama has not one but two oceans to get active in. Let’s make it happen and dive in. No car? No problem, the new buses to the beach are right about $2-3 and leave hourly to both sides!

So there you have it Panama’s 5 top free (or nearly free) activities for the next 90 days that will help us change our pace to match the dry season. Are you up for the challenge of better health and happiness in the sunshine?

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