Danger, Danger! Holiday No No’s

‘Tis the season to be jolly…or rather overworked, broke, self-indulgent, and caught in holiday traffic!

Yes, we all know it can be true. The holiday season is so exciting and can be just a tad bit overwhelming. We can attend so many holiday parties where we need to bring “a little” something that when Christmas Day actually rolls around we do not have gifts under the tree. The pressure of gift giving and party attending alone can be overwhelming. Throw in the drinking and overeating of delicious forbidden goodness and it might tip you over the edge! After all, this is why we have a New Year resolution right? So we can overcome our gluttony from the previous months?

Here is a well-tested guideline of the Holiday No No’s and their healthy-wellbeing alternatives:

  1. Don’t try to attend every holiday party.
    I know, you don’t want to offend anyone, and they all love you, but attending a party every night can be overwhelming on your sleeping patterns and your budget.Do host your own holiday party inviting those whose parties you may have not been able to fit in! Make it a fun dinner party and decorate your own Christmas ball or Dreidel. It will make your friends feel special and will be softer on your budget that a gift for each party host.
  2. Don’t eat all of those holiday goods you receive from your coworker or friends.
    Gluttony at its best.  The fruitcake, cookies, candies, chocolates, is a diabetic nightmare. Do donate the extra fruitcakes to an abused women’s shelter, an orphanage or local church charity. There are many families whom have never had holiday gifts out there and rather than it staying in the kitchen until the mold appears (roughly around March) those women, men and children could have a little something special at no cost to you, so spread the cheer of the extra eggnog.
  3. Don’t overspend on gifts.Do set a budget ahead of time and share the gift-spending limit with friends and family. This prevents that awkward moment when your friend gives you a $100 pair of earrings and you give them their favorite $30 bottle of wine…mmm, guilt is the worst toxin ever! Setting a budget means everyone has to work a little harder to find a present that is true representation of each other, without disappointments
  4.  Don’t buy a real Christmas tree unless you plan on planting it afterwards.
    Our planet is slowly dying and the pace is picking up. Cutting down a tree and adding to the oxygen depletion merely to put our decorations up for a few weeks to a month is just unconscious living.
    Do go green. Buy a live Christmas tree and plant it with friends and family as a new holiday tradition at the end of the season. Or use a tree branch or if you must use a recyclable fake tree. Once it is decorated it will be just as beautiful and even better not a fire hazard!
  5. Don’t be a bah humbug!!
    There are many faiths and holidays at this time of year. Do respect your neighbors and friends. Share in the festivities of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza and more. We can learn from our younger generations in their use of acceptance of others. Let them set the example and open your door to friends who may have already celebrated!

Happy Holidays from Panama Wellness Group!

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