Eat Too Much? Strike a Pose

Try these yoga poses for quick relief:

Strike a Pose

It is well known that there are specific yoga postures that can help with digestion issues and/or bloating. Since some of the yoga postures are more advanced and would require a well versed yogi or trained teacher, and for the benefit of all readers this article will include only those that can be done correctly with ease.

Forward bend Uttanasana

Folding forward helps to compress the abdominal cavity relieving gases and once released allows a rush of blood flow and oxygen to return and assist with the digestive process.

Stand with your feet together. Bend from the hips to bring your face toward your shins, placing your hands on the floor next to your feet.

Seated twisting

These poses are particularly effective at managing stomach gas pain and bloating.

  • Twists. These postures work well for relieving gas pain and discomfort. Twists help promote elimination and combat constipation. It’s recommended that the twisting always go from left to right to aid digestion.
  • (Sitting forward bend): Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, feet together. Slowly bend forward, grabbing your feet.uttanasana.1.gif
  • Urdhva hastasana (upward salute): Stand with arms held over your head. Stretch your upper body to the right and hold your breath for five seconds. Come back to center, and then repeat to the left.This is in tree pose (vrksasana).



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