Holiday Decorating For Your Well-Being

Yes, it is that time of year again. If you live in Panama, Christmas trees are already up in all the malls.

Many studies have been conducted to show that lights can have a positive effect on our attitudes. By hanging traditional lights (not the crazy blinking ones which can cause undue stress by not allowing your mind to reach relaxation) whether Christmas white lights or Hanukkah blue ones you can help to get yourself in the happy giving spirit of the holidays.
When holiday decorating follow these simple steps below to keep your mind, body and soul at ease through the holiday season.

  1. Do not use blinking lights. The constant movements of the lights will not allow you to relax. Also, the blinking has been used in many interrogation methods causing anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. Not exactly what you want this season. Instead try white lights or blue lights for a soothing effect in decorating.
  2. Put your tree in the center of the room. Most people put their tree in the corner somewhere so that it isn’t in the way. Instead this season embrace the tree.  Make it a gathering or focal point. Trees have so many symbolic meanings from the tree of life to fertility to giving us our daily breath of oxygen. Think of the tree as an oversized flower arrangement. Would you put all of your vases in the corner? Highly unlikely. Use the tree as your gathering area this holiday, if you use tip # 1 it will make it much more relaxing.
  3. Put an inviting wreath outside your front door, this way when you arrive home, whether in a house or apartment you will feel the joy before even crossing the threshold. This can be a mood changer after combating traffic or office stress. It will trigger the joyful spirit just by laying eyes upon it. When you walk in your mood will be ready to spread the joy to your entire household.
  4. Use season-scented aroma oils or candles to spread the joy throughout the house. There is a seasonal oil called Spirit of Christmas (Young Living Oils) as ancient oils of the Bible. So many of us only decorate the front room, whether time or the intimidation of the clean up prevents full house decoration, this is an easy solution to spread the holiday joy without taking additional time or clean up. Simply put a diffuser in the center of the house dispersing the oils or light a scented candle in each bedroom or bathroom for additional effects.
  5. Make a collage of holiday pasts. Got a bah Humbug in the family? Simply make a collage of photos from previous years and put on the table as a centerpiece to remind them of how each year they eventually do come around.  I use a business card holder and place photocopied photos at each place facing out so that everyone can see funny moments from childhood, adulthood or holiday vacations. This serves as a fantastic anchor to wellbeing and happiness in the holiday season!
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