How to vibrate Love

Recently books and movies based on the law of attraction have hit best seller lists. People all over the world are realizing they can have literally anything they want. They feel it, visualize it, and then manifest it. This sounds all so very nice, but what is happening during all that wishing time? All of that day dreaming time, our mind cannot ever be satisfied and with access to anything we want, we just keep attracting and creating, but never really finding happiness that is permanent. All that we have attracted and created was good, it was like an ice cream, very tasty – but not fulfilling, you’re left with a stale taste and a desire for another or something else. So now what? What can we do with this amazing and incredible information without it going stale and having to use more energy to create more things that just go get old after a while?

The law of attraction is really the law of vibration. We are made of energy and we are constantly vibrating. We attract what we want because we visualize it and try to “feel” the vibration of that event or thing. However, we can also attract just what we are in this moment. Instead of trying to imagine what we’d like, we can just BE what we like and we will automatically attract more of it. Feelings like gratitude, happiness, joy, peace, love, compassion. These are things that permanently exist as long as we allow and with these the material things will come as a surprise and constantly come with no effort except maintaining our pure vibrations of love.

I have taught you in past blog posts to be aware of the breath to feel it, to expand those techniques to daily routines and tasks, these are very important because they bring you to this very moment. When you are able to focus on this moment you can live more aware and begin to manifest permanent happiness in the qualities I mentioned above.

So you might be wondering what you will attract with these things, if you feel gratitude you will probably attract abundance, good relationships, love. If you feel compassion and forgiveness you will attract other people with the same qualities. The more feelings you give the more you will receive and then you’ll find yourself lost in the flow of love. Let go attracting more, and just be the love that you are. We are so very special, let’s remember this the create our lovely realities we were meant to have.

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