New Year Resolutions 101

Every year millions, if not billions, of people spend there time to make their New Year Resolution’s. They will be swearing off the vices, people and habits from the previous year and spelling out their future dreams.
So why are so many of their resolutions the same as the last year? Where did it go wrong? My guess, somewhere around February for most of us, others closer to April.Seriously, it makes no sense right? The desire is there, the knowledge and awareness for need to change are present, so what the heck?! P.L.A.N. I know this sounds ridiculous for those who know me. I fly by the seat of my pants 80% of the time. Yet, without a plan, we literally just are scrambling around without a direction to go in. To achieve those New Year resolutions we need a well laid out plan. After all it is not Christmas and Santa doesn’t deliver the resolutions down the chimney.

New Year Resolution Plan 101

Make achievable goals and break them down. IE In 2014 I will quit smoking: Beginning January 1 I will do a tobacco detox, or I will achieve this by using the patch or I will only smoke two ciggies a day. January 8th I will smoke one ciggie so on and so forth.

I will loose 20lbs in 2014: This is a popular one. The thing is that people actually expect to loose the 20lbs in the first 20 days of 2014. That is possible, but it is not probably. So make small goals and set it up for a 4 month plan of loosing 5lbs a month.

Don’s Set Yourself up For Failure

By making achievable goals you are much more likely follow through. Dreaming big is always a great trait, however, without a support plan it is just that, a dream. If you say make a million dollars and you work at Starbucks without a plan how you will make that million dollars in twelve months, well, you may want to rethink that one! Start with getting debt free and set up a plan step by step.

Make those resolutions visible

Out of site out of mind. Make those resolutions visible all throughout your life. On the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the dashboard of your car, or on your desk. These are all good spots. Don’t feel like you need to only put them in one place, put them all over. Not only does this remind you it will help you remain accountable by seeing them consistently.

Share and share alike

Make your resolutions a tradition, share them with friends and family. This will bond you together and 4 months down the road when the lipstick on the mirror is melting, they will remember and remind you with the loving support you need to push on through!

Happy New Year from PWG and start making those dreams come true in 2014.

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