Raw for Newbies

Eeek Raw Food?!?! I know, I know. Eating raw seems intimidating, but it really isn’t. All it is is reprogramming your mind for a healthy you. Below I have compiled 5 tips for anyone who has ever considered going raw.
Here are 5 raw food strategies for newbies:

1. Make a commitment

Making a commitment to change, is essential to any new health strategy. The second part of the commitment is accepting that it will be difficult at first. First, you need to reconsider vegetables and how you think about them. If you look at a veggie and think, “no way Jose,” most likely you are not going to like it no matter what. Going raw is not for the faint of heart. The commitment is essential.

2. Let go of cardboard and let real flavor seep in.

So many of us are accustomed to artificial flavoring (think Matrix) that we really need to retrain our taste buds for the MSG-cardboard flavors to exit and the true flavors of food as it has been for thousands of years to flow into our mouths. A lot of good foods have a little sugar in them. There is nothing wrong with that; however, a lot of healthy foods have a little MSG in them. Disgusting right? Unfortunately, we have now become so accustomed to a little MSG that big businesses decided to make an artificial MSG they could add to their empty-calorie foods. Now we like those even better! Don’t freak out just yet, all food had to be inspired from somewhere. So artificial flavors come from….that is right! Natural flavors, so although you may need to retrain your taste buds for the original natural flavors they will soon be the only ones you want to taste!

3. How to Eat Your Veggies

A lot of you think that you hate vegetables. You don’t. You just hate overcooked, frozen or nutrient-free vegetables such as canned mushrooms, bleck! Eating fresh, organic, nutrient-dense vegetables taste wonderful even with nothing on them! I love just plain broccoli or cauliflower or with a squeeze of lemon and cayenne pepper. A carrot or beet can be like dessert. Avocados – yes guacamole is raw!

Give me the frozen or canned version I may projectile vomit right on you, not suggested. So let’s change that pattern, eat them raw! In the beginning if it is too challenging lightly steam them! The taste of raw organic veggies is wonderful to most all who try them for a minimum of ten days. I promise!

4. Don’t Give Up

Our vegetable palates doesn’t always have the same appeal of a chemically-processed burger with GMO fries + a diet soda so coming off processed foods and sugar-addictions will be a challenge.  Sometimes the transition to real, organic, whole food can be overwhelming. So, once you get past your initial disappointment in your vegetables, keep eating them anyway. Eventually, you’ll begin to appreciate them, and then even really crave them. Just no matter what...DO NOT GIVE UP! Many raw vegetables make great snacks just by adding hummus, salad dressings or salsa. Keep them ready for quick easy access by cleaning them when you get back from the store. Cut them into bite size pieces and store in the green bags you can get at health food stores. I keep them at eye level in my refrigerator so I see them first whenever I get the munchies. Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots go well with just about anything, and organic baby tomatoes can be eaten just by themselves.

5. Drink Your Veggies!
Juice bars are popping up all over, even in Panama. Juicing provides a fresh, tasty alternative to eating vegetables.  Even more convenient is to get a juicer for your home. I recommend the Waring Pro or the Big Mouth Omega, a single auger masticating juicer. (sounds serious doesn’t it?) It is the best bang for the buck because it does everything including wheat grass, has a slow 80 RPM motor, reducing heat and oxidation for optimum nutrition, and cleans up in just two minutes (that’s really important if you owned other juicers). When you think about vegetables, you probably think green but vegetables come in a wide variety of colors, from red to purple, yellow to orange. Each color brings a whole new set of vitamins, minerals and flavors to your table.

Like my mom always said, “try it you’ll like it”.  I promise.  Your new healthy you will thank you.

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