Sugar Rush

We all need sugar, what we don’t need is the unhealthy amounts of sugar sending us on a wild ride with a total wreck following the high of the sugar rush. Keep your sugar levels balanced and avoid diabetes while not losing the flavors you crave.

So many of our pandemic diseases are related to our obsession of sugar. Even our health food aisles in the supermarket are filled to the brim with “non” sugar diet options. We are on a worldwide sugar rush!

How can we give in to those cravings without experiencing the full on wipe out of the sugar crash? Well, we must maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

Sugar craving come from two things; first, the imbalance of our bgl(blood glucose levels) or secondly, our thought process or habits.

With our BGLs we merely need to keep our sugar in check. Eat a banana, juice a carrot ginger drink. Eat lots of fresh fruits and healthy vegetables. By doing this we will cease the fluctuation of sugar levels. Grab a Snickers bar and for sure your levels will increase, you may experience a huge rush of energy, but believe me you will also experience the crash when those non-nutritive sugars leave your system. These can cause side effects like headaches, drowsiness, even nausea. Imagine if junk food commercials had warnings like pharmaceuticals, now that would be progress!
Secondly, the habits. Changing our habits helps us to maintain healthy levels always. Reach for a piece of fruit over an artificially flavored piece of fruit candy. Grab a homemade iced tea instead of a sugar-filled soft drink. These habits are much easier to change than you may think. The phrase “out-of-sight out-of-mind” comes to play here. Stock your pantry and fridge with the healthy, non- processed options of your favorite go-to snacks. If you are a gummy addict, try swapping dried fruits like pineapple and papaya. These are still very sweet, with a lot of non-refined sugar, but also hold nutrients and vitamins increasing the longevity of their effect.

Stay away from processed foods. You would be surprised that many “healthy drinks” hold two servings per bottle and each serving will contain 17 grams of sugar or more!! Aghast! Check the sugar on all “health foods” if it is over 7 you are playing with a potential crash situation.

Die hard soda drinkers may prefer to buy club soda, not tonic(lots of sugar), and mix it with their fresh juices or teas for that sparkling they are used to.  Check the label if you don’t believe me.

The suggestions are truly endless. The best to do is check out options here at Panama Wellness Group and see our recipes and tips for loads of advice on limiting sugar. Believe in yourself and keep a well-stocked pantry of healthy goodness as well as your grocery list of detox, sugar-free friendly foods on hand.


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