Surviving the Holiday Party Rush

Holidays are so joyful and there is a lot of gratitude flowing along with libations for those who indulge, how to survive it all? Here are PWG’s Seven Tips to survive the Party!

1.  Buy a multi-faceted outfit to use in multiple parties.

For Women:  By buying a red/black skirt, you can pair your outfit with a white blouse, green blouse, black blouse, etc. for a quick holiday mix up and double/triple for multiple parties.

For Men:  Black slacks, a black shirt and multiple ties always work and can be used (minus the ties) all year long.

2.  Eat before you arrive to the party.
By eating prior to the party you avoid munching on the always-present unhealthy holiday snacks, thereby, in turn avoiding unwanted calories and weight gain from the many parties.

3.   Drink a liter of water before you begin your alcoholic beverages
Water is hydrating, alcohol is not. So, to avoid unpleasant public drunken behavior, drink water before, during and after the alcoholic drinks.

4.  Not drinking alcohol and want to avoid the questions why?

Put a lemon in your short glass with ice water or club soda and no one will be the wiser!

5.  Buy your host gifts in bulk. Dozens of parties equals dozens of gifts right?

Wrong. Next time buy a case of that wine instead of a bottle. It saves you money and the time of running out right before the party

6.   Too many people to remember?

Make your business card memorable for the holidays. Hole punch in the top left corner and tie red and green ribbon about 3” long. It will serve a new friend holiday card, and make sure those people you meet and want to speak with later have your contact details.

7.   Call a taxi.

It is always wise regardless of your intentions to drink or not, to have a trusted taxi lined up. Late nights sober or not can be dangerous and flagging down the nearest taxi when blurred by the holiday eggnog is never the wisest choice. Be safe and plan ahead.

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