The Humble Coconut: Healthy fats make you a mighty human!

As I write this article, I am sitting here sipping a drink that is made from a product that is 92% saturated fat. No, it isn’t not lard cocoa or a bacon grease smoothie (although they are quite delicious, in a very acquired taste sense!). Instead, it is homemade coconut water, made from sieving creamed coconut with water and drinking the resulting concoction. Delicious and rejuvenating, as well as satisfying any hippy-woo desire to “make it myself, man/bro/dude”.

I’m sure at this point many of you will be screaming at the laptop and thrashing around like a bee-stung octopus at my suggestion that a mostly saturated fat product is a healthy thing for you. We have been told so consistently that saturated fat is a BAD THING that now when we see the words saturated fat, BAD THING flashes up before our eyes thanks to this conditioning. As I argued in my article here, saturated fats are actually amazing for you. However, feel free to read that article and ask any questions you would like at the bottom! For now, just humour me and assume I’m not crazier than a cat wrapped in piano strings.

So….why is coconut so good for you? Why are coconut oil, water, flour and all the other amazing things in the coconut so darn healthsome? Let me explain!

Healthy Heart:  It has a lot of a lauric acid making up that saturated fat. Lauric acid is incredibly beneficial for your heart, as it helps to regulate blood pressure and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It also reduces the amount of damage potentially being done to your artery walls, meaning no atherosclerosis and no pesky inflammation of the artery walls. Having fewer plaques obstructing your arteries tends to be a good thing! Ignore nonsense about “healthy heart grains” and so on, start munching on some coconut!

Post Exercise Refreshment:
  Coconut water is naturally isotonic (it matches the salt composition of your blood and body!) which means that it is a fantastic way to rejuvenate after exercise. It will help with recovery and energy levels, as well as growth and proper blood flow. Also, this can help as a restorative after a night out as well!

Digestion:  Having an efficient and hearty digestive system makes a huge difference to what you can ingest from your food. Coconut oil is especially useful for this regulation of the digestive tract and can also help stop issues like IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). If you have well regulated waterworks, that is usually a sign of good internal health!

Real “Happy” Bacteria: Ignore silly adverts for processed nasty yoghurts, telling us how they have “happy” bacteria cultures in them. This is nonsense. They are more likely to diminish your internal bacteria than help it out so steer clear. Instead, coconut is our solution! It contains a whole host of anti-microbial properties and is again useful at regulating bacteria properly. It can help reduce fungi and parasites in the gut that may be diminishing your ability to digest most of what you eat!


Weight Loss: This 92% saturated fat product will help you lose weight. Simple as that. It contains medium and short chain fatty acids that will help reduce excessive weight gain. It helps in thyroid and enzyme function, assists the pancreas by removing stress and strain from it, which increases the metabolism which helps with weight loss. People in tropical areas who have traditionally eaten large amounts of coconut oil are very rarely obese and unhealthy.

Healthy Teeth and Bones:  Coconut oil actually helps you extract more calcium from your diet than you would be able to otherwise! It also helps with the intake of magnesium, both of which will increase your bone density and your teeth quality! Tooth decay will also be reduced.

Natural Diabetes Treatment: Coconut helps in the secretion of insulin as well as helping blood sugar control. It helps the body use glucose properly, allowing diabetics a natural and better chance of blood sugar regulation.

Infections and Healing Properties: Coconut, if applied to infections, can protect the area from fungal, microbes and viruses as it forms a chemical layer over the wound. It can also be used to reduce bruising, as it quickens the healing process of damaged tissues.

A Stable Fat:   Coconut oil is solid, like butter, at room temperature. It is solid at 24 to 25 degress Celcius or 76-78 Farenheit, if you want scientific precision! This makes it a useful fat to grate or melt into dishes and one which is easy to store without having to have a special receptacle.

So, overall, a pretty healthy food! The more you can use coconut oil in cooking, coconut water to drink etc, the more you will find the health benefits apparent. It is an incredibly diverse food, something that is gaining credence in the Western world slowly and a food that will soon become the new fashionable “fixer” for health maladies and wholesome living! Just try and eat it for the above reasons rather than once or twice a year as a fad. Go out and buy some coconut water if you can find some, give it a go! If you feel fancy then check out this link to a super tasty coconut choco ball recipe, yums!

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