Overdosed on Health?

Ugh, do you ever feel like it’s just too much? Too much health, too many exercise posts, way too many healthy food pics? I mean really, how much can we take of this!

Everywhere you look or read it’s “eat this”, “smell that” or “get your exercise” groove on. If you have been on Facebook today and now be honest, we know you have. I am almost 100% sure that you have seen at least one uber positive post… or perhaps a few dozen. Everyone’s life seems just pinky doesn’t it? Workout selfies, grocery check-out lines and posters all about health, wealth and weight loss are inundating our minds. It’s like a visual health drug. An addiction for the modern age, never enough “stop worrying start living” posters around!

For example, in the U.S. the radio channels advertised the $99 weight loss massage and foot scrubs for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day no less than every 7 minutes. I mean seriously? It’s a worldwide pandemic of health!

This has become a crucial issue, people are beginning to overdose everywhere I look! Friends, who once swore off yoga are now getting their teacher certifications. That red meat, cave man, ex-boyfriend? He now is going vegan and growing organic vegetables. That party girl who always had her wine glass, she is now making kale chips. Even my GMO-touting, miracle using dad is juicing organic everyday! What has the world come too? Health is infiltrating each and every corner of the globe. Pop up businesses are combating childhood obesity by encouraging families to work out together and donating baskets of vegetables to the less fortunate. Children’s cancer foundations; i.e., Panama’s Fundación Amigos del Niño Con Leucemia Y Cancer (FANLYC) are denying sponsorships from our staple big brands the likes of McDonald’s and Coca Cola. I mean, what happened to getting you chemotherapy treatment then re-toxifying your body with a super-sized coca cola and pink slime nuggets?

C’mon people! Our junk food, quick living, size 14 society is fading away too fast to stop it. People are overdosing daily! And you? Are you on the overdose track of wellness and health? I am proud to say I overdose daily. From morning meditation and prayers to sunrise yoga, veggie soup and grass fed leg of lamb, I am a HUGE fan of the new-overdosed pandemic on health. Go world. O.D. away!!

Postscript: Obvious Panama Wellness Group is so proud of all of you worldwide who have jumped on the bandwagon of health. We are extremely pleased to be a part of your journey and in no way do we support drug use or overdosing. The above article is obviously written in humor and we hope you laugh as much as we did because guess what ? There are even laughter therapy and yoga classes these days!!

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