Why detoxing is important through juicing

Everyone is at risk of toxic stress in today’s world – our bodies naturally create toxins internally as a byproduct of metabolism. Add to this – stress, contaminants in our food and water, poor exercise habits and exposure to pollutants and our hardworking organ of detoxification, the liver, has to work harder than ever. We can feel tired, lethargic and depressed when our liver has problems keeping up with eliminating wastes.

The concept that various health problems arise from accumulated toxicity is not new. The basis of all ancient healthcare systems was on simple cleansing and detoxifying rituals which were used to enhance the natural processes of the body, give energy and clarity of thought.

As a society in the last fifty years, we have been ejuicedetxxposed to ever increasing toxic compounds as well as poor dietary habits and an over consumption of processed foods.

We are all aging much quicker than we should as a result of toxicity. Deterioration associated with the aging process is something we can slow down by supporting the organs of detoxification in our own bodies. Just like you regularly change the oil in your car,  your body really needs to be cleansed; to rest from our daily diets; to eliminate accumulated toxins and rebalance biochemical processes.

After a detox your metabolism will become more efficient at generating energy and eliminating wastes. If you continue to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle as a way of capitalizing on the benefits of detoxification you will be rewarded with feeling and looking healthier for a much longer time.

Juicing vegetables has many distinct benefits. It is important to include them when performing a juice detox. Making juice that is 60-80% vegetables, you are ensuring adequate nutrition. Vegetables, especially the green ones, help the body function properly due to their alkalinity. These alkaline vegetables help maintain the ph balance of the body at 7.3. This is a contrast to meats, dairy, sugars, and processed foods which are primarily acidic. Over acidity of the blood is associated with many illnesses and a weakened immune system. Juicing vegetables ensures that nutrition is absorbed quickly into the body.  Cabbage, onions, peas, cucumbers, & bell peppers are some of the great Alkaline foods. Secondly, vegetables contain high level antioxidants. Broccoli, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes are among the top ten sources. Antioxidants protect cells from the damage of oxidation.  Some of the effects of rapid oxidation include signs of aging and the development of more serious diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Though oxidation is a natural process, we can slow the effects down with our intake of antioxidants. These are two of the many benefits seen with the regular practice of vegetable juicing. These nutrients keep the body functioning smoothly and efficiently by eliminating the aforementioned toxic conditions of the body.

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