Spring Break Madness

Funny how Spring Break tends to induce some sort of madness! After all, we have just finished Carnival, one of the most wild holidays of the year.

Yet, it seems what was once known as Easter Break and in Latin countries still holds as Semana Santa or Holy Week has become, let’s PARRRRTY!

How can you love the madness and keep your wellness and sanity? That’s easy. Did you know that laughter can provide you with 80% of the serotonin needed on a daily basis? Only 20 minutes of laughter a day.

So, instead of avoiding the madness, why not embrace it? If you do drink, drink wisely and cautiously.

Dance the night away! Dancing can burn up to 700 calories an hour, which is a whopping amount! There is absolutely no reason to not shake your thing during spring break with those calorie burning moves.

Fun in the sun. As rainy season approaches in Panama and Spring in North America, it is best to get your fill of those Vitamin D-filled rays now before the floodgates open.

Only 7 minutes in the sun a day will provide you with all your daily Vitamin D! For small children take the Inca approach, 7 minutes a day in the sun helps to prevent jaundice and will give you that extra boost of happiness no matter your age.

Get out of your house! Spring Break/Semana Santa is the perfect time to get out and explore. If you live in Panama City and don’t feel like fighting the beach traffic for the holidays, take advantage of the non-existent lines and open reservations at the city’s best known hotspots.

If you are more adventurous, leave at night and avoid the bailout traffic towards your final destination. No matter where you decide for your vacation make sure you get out of your regular regime. Breaking the monotony can not only bring excitement but helps our brains to continue to develop by throwing it for a loop from its daily schedule.

Whatever your spiritual affiliations are, if any, now is the perfect time to connect and experience that body, mind and soul selfless love.

In a time when more than 50% of the world is worshipping, why not join in on that positive energy and faith? Lift up your prayers and manifestations to a higher power, being and universe for a joint effort in providing our world with peace, prosperity and joy.

To end with a fabulous thought:

“All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.”

Yann Martel

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