The Real Healthy You

realhealthyWhat the heck is the “real” healthy you? So many people think it is a positive attitude, skinny, fit, rich, waking up early, sleeping in late…so on and so forth. But really, what does it mean? I get so tired of people thinking they will be healthy when they are x number of pounds. Or when they can run a 5k. Let’s get REAL people.

We are healthy when we feel healthy! 80% of health lies within our minds. When we get are minds real and healthy our bodies follow. It isn’t a secret by any means; however, the misconception that to be healthy we qualify for a photo cover shoot on Fitness Magazine is just absurd.

Being real is healthy. We laugh & we cry, we are small and big, tall and skinny, happy and unhappy. This is real health, a balanced daily life.

Have you ever met that super healthy person who is always happy, always perky, always skinny, always exercising, is part of the perfect couple, the perfect parent, has the perfect clothes etc. etc.? We all think the same thing…”is so and so for real?” The answer is not simple. Yes…and no. For we can’t know even if they are real but they know if they are. (That is the yes.) No, because that is not “real” for you.

The real healthy you may be a size 12, exuberant, sometimes swearing, and sandal-wearing self. And that too is real. For me, the real health involves walking, swimming, yoga, a 36D cup, fluctuating size 6-8 closet full of yoga wear, Guinness drinking, no shoe donning, herbal gathering, nature-hiking and disheveled ponytail self!

It is by far when I am at my best, feeling healthy in 100% of my body, mind and soul. So should you go and throw out your Manolo Blanik’s and Ferragamo’s? Well, if you do feel free to write me and I will message you my address and you can send them to me!

Confused? Don’t be. Real health is following your gut. Being you and recognizing that being yourself and true to that form, is healthy. We are in a constant state of change therefore we cannot maintain that our healthy state will continue to stay the same. Dig deep and do something you love, wear something you love even if it is out of fashion. Do it without shame or worry of the judgmental eyes around you.

The ‘Real” healthy you is loving yourself just the way you are right now in this moment!

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