Tips to Get Rid of That Pesky Headache for Good

There aren’t many things more upsetting than a recurring headache. It can be a source of great stress for people and not just because of the understandable pain element. People can become worried that it may incapacitate them at work, around their family or just whilst trying to relax and enjoy life. It is increasingly suggested that we self-medicate in these times but this can be a bit of a blind alley, in terms of future harm prevention and also long term health. Here at Panama Wellness Group, we have listed ten quick tips that you can use as both long term and short term methods to eliminate those pesky headaches! So read on and try these for yourself at home!

Limit alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic, which starts to draw fluids out of the body and is the perfect set-up for the serious archetypal hangover headache and hardcore dehydration. This can really affect the mucal layer of the brain casing between the skull and your grey matter.

Drink plenty of water. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water before sleeping, after a long session of drinking or heavily-salted meals like Chinese, can prevent the dreaded morning after headache. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, drinking water regularly reduces the chances of getting dehydration related headaches.


Limit red wine. Some women, and probably men, say they get headaches from red wine. This could be either psychosomatic or due to increased blood pressure. This can sometimes be triggered by the amines present in red wine.

Limit coffee. An extra cup of coffee to perk you up on a tired morning may not be the best choice. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a diuretic and can contribute to headaches associated with dehydration.


Limit chocolate. While rumored by some people to be better than sexual activity, chocolate can often contribute to headaches, due to the presence of caffeine. The more processed the chocolate, the more likely it is to cause problems, due to the increased amounts of sugar and other nasty ingredients.

Eat properly and regularly. A diet lacking in the proper nutrients can cause headaches. Too little protein for breakfast can contribute to headaches later in the day. Also, keep trying to eat regularly, with more whole foods and cut down on the amount of processed/ convenience foods consumed, as these most often lack valuable nutrients. Finally, eating regularly helps reduce dehydration as well as stopping the body from emergency actions of peaking which may result in nasty irregularities.


Increase Omega-3 fatty acids. With so much nutritionally-deficient foods in the typical diet of many people today, it’s easy to miss out on those crucial Omega-3′s. Research has shown that this nutrient can help reduce certain types of headaches.

Reduce fried foods. Fried foods are sometimes responsible for some kinds of headaches; however, reducing fried foods is a good idea for improving overall health. Better nutrition and health in general can serve to reduce the number and severity of many types of headache much better than simply medicating every time a problem occurs.


Lemon Juice. Used both internally and externally, lemon juice can be a super efficient means of dealing with a headache. Certain remedies suggest drinking a bit of lemon juice and water, occasionally with freshly grated ginger root. Externally, the clean citrus scent of lemon juice and lemon skins applied to the temples can freshen your mind and keep you feeling refreshed, mentally and physically.

Cinnamon water. Mix cinnamon and water to the consistency of a thin paste, then apply to your temples and forehead as a thin layer. This is a recipe that hails from the Far East, originating from healing traditions thousands of years old. A warm spice, cinnamon is especially useful for headaches that come from getting chilled or having your head exposed to the elements for too long.

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