What’s your Skinny?

Have you ever wondered what your skinny is? I mean, don’t we all? The one thing I can tell you without ever setting eyes on you is that your skinny is most definitely not my skinny! We all have our own skinny. It, of course, adjusts according to bone mass, genetics, height, age, hormones & fitness routine to name just a few variables. THe BIG question is What’s YOUR skinny and how do you find it?

The answer is quite simple actually. Your skinny is when you are healthy, and feel fabulous each and every time you look in the mirror. The biggest trip up we all have is worrying if “our skinny” is skinny enough for those around us that we perceive are judging us. Body dysmorphia has gone from being a disease to almost being trend worthy.

Don’t be a downer on your own beauty and skinny. My skinny is definitely not Victoria Secret’s-worthy. Nor is it Kardashian curvy but thank goodness it is all mine and I love it! Here are a few tips that helped me find my skinny:

1. See your doctor or nutritionist. Make sure your bloodwork is all good. Being skinny needs to take a back seat to being healthy. If you are a skinny size 0 and your doctor says you should be a size 5 you need to eat, and now. Health is always first.

2. Eat healthy fats. Skinny and unhappy is no good. Healthy fats like avocados and omegas from fish (beware of radiation exposure) have been directly linked to combating anxiety and depression as well as keeping a level metabolism.

3. Keep moving. I don’t care how you move, Zumba, yoga, cross-fit, daily walks, cycling or a few TRX exercises a day. But keep that body moving. See previous article about six pack abs.

4. Never put yourself down. This is a big one. Self-love can change your reflection in the mirror both emotionally and physically. Don’t wave this one away. Count how many insults you give yourself in a twenty-four hour period then ask yourself if you would ever say that same insult that many times to another person. I bet the answer is no.

5. Wear clothes that you love and that fit you properly. Don’t try to dress for the rest. Dress for yourself. Own your own style. Find clothes in your size, don’t let the pressures of a certain fad overwhelm what you love. It has been proven that if you like what you are wearing your confidence increases. So literally, wear your own skinny and be the best you can be!
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