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    8 Diet Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy!

    If you talk to any pregnant woman about eating for two, she’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not as much fun as it seems and it’s not all about eating heaps of ice cream and brownies! Nausea and vomiting at commonplace when eating for one, let alone two, so pregnancy restrictions can […]

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    I Hate Myself After Eating Carbs!

    Our Unhealthy Emotional Relationships with Food We have been beating ourselves up over something for ages. Thanks to this thing, we think ourselves as lazy, weak-willed, fat, ugly, spotty, bloated, unhappy, achy, depressed, windy and innumerable other horrible comparisons! What is this terrible thing that we have become involved with, this thing that is stressing […]

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    Get Your Nutrients Naturally: Cooking with the Mung Bean

      If your idea of including mung in your diet means topping off a salad with a few bean sprouts, think again. Mung beans and their split, hulled version, mung dhal, can be used to create main dishes, salads, soups, spreads, savories, beverages and desserts. Mung beans combine well with a host of grains and […]

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    Foods and Moods

    We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat.” So, if you find yourself cranky, tired and even clinically depressed, you may be able to boost your mood by changing what you eat and when you eat. I am fascinated by the potential for certain foods and simple wellness practices to prevent and treat […]

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    Tips to Get Rid of That Pesky Headache for Good

    There aren’t many things more upsetting than a recurring headache. It can be a source of great stress for people and not just because of the understandable pain element. People can become worried that it may incapacitate them at work, around their family or just whilst trying to relax and enjoy life. It is increasingly […]

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    5 Simple Tips for Clearer Skin by David Bloomfield

    Having just landed in Panama a few days ago and started to sweat copious amounts of precious bodily fluid already, I have had quite the cleansing time for my skin. Although I now feel about 20lbs lighter than when I first arrived due to my water weight loss, I have definitely seen a big improvement […]

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    5 de Mayo Avocados, the Alligator Fruit

    Benefits of Avocados Consider adding avocado to salads and not only on account of their deliciousness! Recent  research has shown that absorption of two key carotenoid antioxidants (lycopene and beta carotene) increases significantly when fresh avocado (or  avocado oil) is added to a free salad. One cup of fresh  avocado (150 grams), added to a […]

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    Organic vs. Non Organic When $$$ Are An Issue

    When is money not an issue? For parents, couples and singles alike, Panama Wellness Group offers a quick guide to eating organic on a budget. People ask me all the time, as a nutritionist, if I eat 100% organic. The answer is a simple no. Why not, you may ask. Simple, really; with 4 children […]