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  • spring-break

    Spring Break Madness

    Funny how Spring Break tends to induce some sort of madness! After all, we have just finished Carnival, one of the most wild holidays of the year. Yet, it seems what was once known as Easter Break and in Latin countries still holds as Semana Santa or Holy Week has become, let’s PARRRRTY! How can […]

  • addicts


    How connected we have become to our electronics. Recently, my neighborhood was without power for almost 14 hours followed by a 3 day trip to a remote, albeit out-of-this-world gorgeous, island. I will openly admit, those first 14 hours were a living hell! I work on the internet, I keep in touch with my kids […]

  • maxresdefault1

    Workout for Those Who Hate Exercise

    Ok, it’s time for an all out confession. I hate working out. I know I am a wellness coach/nutritionist, but that doesn’t change the fact that I really don’t like exercise. Actually I hate exercise. Treadmill, elliptical, Zumba, BBL all encompassing any form of exercise. What’s a girl to do? Even yoga was hard for […]

  • ho-casey5

    Eat a Rainbow Diet

    If I told you that eating one apple, one onion, one orange, a handful of spinach, a grilled tomato, a small green salad, a few florets of broccoli and a bowl of mixed berries every day would ensure you live to a healthy 100 years old avoiding cancer, heart disease and a host of degenerative […]

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    PWG at Festival Abierto

    Stop by and visit us in the Artist section Festival Abierto, from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd of March starting both days at 10:00 a.m. We’ll be offering FREE Memberships & Subscriptions for the greatest online directory for All Things Wellness. Also enter a contest to win prizes! For more info visit: Come have […]

  • fear_images

    Letting Go of Fear & Shame, Gaining Everything

    It’s time to let it all go. All that self-hate talk and embarrassment you may be feeling or inner guilt. You know that you shouldn’t be doing it, but there it is, still infiltrating your being. I am here to tell you STOP! Right now! Self-sabotage is one of the worst toxins your body and […]

  • GoodHealthCartoon

    Overdosed on Health?

    Ugh, do you ever feel like it’s just too much? Too much health, too many exercise posts, way too many healthy food pics? I mean really, how much can we take of this! Everywhere you look or read it’s “eat this”, “smell that” or “get your exercise” groove on. If you have been on Facebook […]