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  • The Real Healthy You

    What the heck is the “real” healthy you? So many people think it is a positive attitude, skinny, fit, rich, waking up early, sleeping in late…so on and so forth. But really, what does it mean? I get so tired of people thinking they will be healthy when they are x number of pounds. Or […]

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    Get Your Kitchen Skin Care

    With the marketing of what seems to be millions of skincare lines these days the choices can be overwhelming and the prices even more so. So much so that when a “sale” on the product making it cost under $100 gets us excited, And we pay more when we hear the words “ all natural” […]

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    After School Snacks, Healthy Muffins Every Kid Will Want

    As a working mom of many, after school snacks are always the hardest for me to have prepared by the 3:30 hunger call. My kids arrive starving from their active day, arrive exhausted from mine so this last week I decided to ‘health-veganize’ an old banana bread recipe for wholesome goodness. Using a bunch, literally, […]

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    Five Minutes Away From A Delicious Granola

    One of the benefits of being a working mom in the foodie industry is the cooking skills passed on to your kids! I have a 14 year old son who is, without a doubt, always hungry! Usually not for one of moms vegan treats. However, of late he has been experimenting in the kitchen, and […]

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    Healthy Treats: How To Be Bad While Still Being Good!

    I can’t begin to tell you how many people tell me they “can’t have that piece of cake” or “better not have a scone” because they’re “being good this week” when we’re talking about food. When I sit there eating my giant piece of delicious-looking apple crumble, they shoot me glances that combine confusion with […]

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    Going Vegan: Vegan Shopping List

    The start of the year is always the time of year that most people finally get serious about changing up their diet. It might be the forced gluttony of the holiday season or maybe the creeping inches of the winter time, but at this time of year, everyone seems to become much more conscious of […]

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    Change of Seasons Change of Pace

    Oh yeah baby, summertime in Panama is here! As we enter the month of February, we have a quickened pace of life.  Dry Season! So how can we manage this new pace of life, now that the slinky rains from the gods of humidity are slowing down? Well to start, GET OUTSIDE! With all of […]

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    Summer Cool Down

    Need some new summer salad recipes? The following recipes are from Hillary’s own recipes and some of Express Nutrition’s clients’ favorites. We all recognize watermelon as a very summer fruit. Whether in picnics or frozen for dessert it brings everyone some memory of summer. Its high water content always makes it refreshing in drinks, salads, and […]

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    Sugar Rush

    We all need sugar, what we don’t need is the unhealthy amounts of sugar sending us on a wild ride with a total wreck following the high of the sugar rush. Keep your sugar levels balanced and avoid diabetes while not losing the flavors you crave. So many of our pandemic diseases are related to […]

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    Garden Your Heart (Problems) Away

    Did you know that after a heart attack, stroke, or other heart complication, getting your hands dirty in a garden can relieve stress, helping your mind, body, and heart heal? It isn’t necessary to wait until you suffer from a heart aliment to begin your garden adventure. Gardening can be a family affair or you […]