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    8 Diet Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy!

    If you talk to any pregnant woman about eating for two, she’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s not as much fun as it seems and it’s not all about eating heaps of ice cream and brownies! Nausea and vomiting at commonplace when eating for one, let alone two, so pregnancy restrictions can […]

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    5 de Mayo Avocados, the Alligator Fruit

    Benefits of Avocados Consider adding avocado to salads and not only on account of their deliciousness! Recent  research has shown that absorption of two key carotenoid antioxidants (lycopene and beta carotene) increases significantly when fresh avocado (or  avocado oil) is added to a free salad. One cup of fresh  avocado (150 grams), added to a […]

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    Change of Seasons Change of Pace

    Oh yeah baby, summertime in Panama is here! As we enter the month of February, we have a quickened pace of life.  Dry Season! So how can we manage this new pace of life, now that the slinky rains from the gods of humidity are slowing down? Well to start, GET OUTSIDE! With all of […]

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    Summer Cool Down

    Need some new summer salad recipes? The following recipes are from Hillary’s own recipes and some of Express Nutrition’s clients’ favorites. We all recognize watermelon as a very summer fruit. Whether in picnics or frozen for dessert it brings everyone some memory of summer. Its high water content always makes it refreshing in drinks, salads, and […]

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    Sugar Rush

    We all need sugar, what we don’t need is the unhealthy amounts of sugar sending us on a wild ride with a total wreck following the high of the sugar rush. Keep your sugar levels balanced and avoid diabetes while not losing the flavors you crave. So many of our pandemic diseases are related to […]

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    Garden Your Heart (Problems) Away

    Did you know that after a heart attack, stroke, or other heart complication, getting your hands dirty in a garden can relieve stress, helping your mind, body, and heart heal? It isn’t necessary to wait until you suffer from a heart aliment to begin your garden adventure. Gardening can be a family affair or you […]

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    Smell Your Way to a Non Stress Day

    Everyone enjoys a pleasant smell. Especially when feeling exhausted or not at our wellness peak. Our brains are programmed to have certain reactions to certain smells, both good and bad. Through our olfactory neurons, we breathe in smells that trigger memories, hopefully the healthy happy ones. According to a new study by the University of […]

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    Raw for Newbies

    Eeek Raw Food?!?! I know, I know. Eating raw seems intimidating, but it really isn’t. All it is is reprogramming your mind for a healthy you. Below I have compiled 5 tips for anyone who has ever considered going raw. Here are 5 raw food strategies for newbies: 1. Make a commitment Making a commitment […]

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    Is Noise Pollution Affecting Your Mental Health?

    Personally, I have never been one for loud venues…parties, clubs, concerts etc. People always say to me,” oh, come on it will be so much fun!” Yet somehow, deep inside of me, the anxiety begins to rise, the noises all around of strangers, friends and of course the thumping of the speakers, pushes my stress […]

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    Eat Too Much? Strike a Pose

    Try these yoga poses for quick relief: Strike a Pose It is well known that there are specific yoga postures that can help with digestion issues and/or bloating. Since some of the yoga postures are more advanced and would require a well versed yogi or trained teacher, and for the benefit of all readers this […]

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    Drop 14 lbs. in 14 days: The Easy Peasy Way

    New Year, new resolutions. Somehow each year weight loss makes the cut on the list of things to accomplish. This year Panama Wellness group is making your resolution’s success within reach. Don’t fret no need to go out and buy an expensive diet program or the latest fad exercise video, this is the easy peasy, […]

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    New Year Resolutions 101

    Every year millions, if not billions, of people spend there time to make their New Year Resolution’s. They will be swearing off the vices, people and habits from the previous year and spelling out their future dreams. So why are so many of their resolutions the same as the last year? Where did it go […]