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    A Master’s in Procrastination

    It’s official. I have received my Master’s in Procrastination. I believe this article may even serve as my dissertation for a PhD. How did I master the art of procrastination you may ask? Well, it wasn’t all peas and carrots. First, one must have a few innate traits: One: To achieve a Master’s, you must […]

  • The Real Healthy You

    What the heck is the “real” healthy you? So many people think it is a positive attitude, skinny, fit, rich, waking up early, sleeping in late…so on and so forth. But really, what does it mean? I get so tired of people thinking they will be healthy when they are x number of pounds. Or […]

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    Five Minutes Away From A Delicious Granola

    One of the benefits of being a working mom in the foodie industry is the cooking skills passed on to your kids! I have a 14 year old son who is, without a doubt, always hungry! Usually not for one of moms vegan treats. However, of late he has been experimenting in the kitchen, and […]

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    Healthy Treats: How To Be Bad While Still Being Good!

    I can’t begin to tell you how many people tell me they “can’t have that piece of cake” or “better not have a scone” because they’re “being good this week” when we’re talking about food. When I sit there eating my giant piece of delicious-looking apple crumble, they shoot me glances that combine confusion with […]

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    Going Vegan: Vegan Shopping List

    The start of the year is always the time of year that most people finally get serious about changing up their diet. It might be the forced gluttony of the holiday season or maybe the creeping inches of the winter time, but at this time of year, everyone seems to become much more conscious of […]

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    New Year Resolutions 101

    Every year millions, if not billions, of people spend there time to make their New Year Resolution’s. They will be swearing off the vices, people and habits from the previous year and spelling out their future dreams. So why are so many of their resolutions the same as the last year? Where did it go […]

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    Danger, Danger! Holiday No No’s

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly…or rather overworked, broke, self-indulgent, and caught in holiday traffic! Yes, we all know it can be true. The holiday season is so exciting and can be just a tad bit overwhelming. We can attend so many holiday parties where we need to bring “a little” something that when Christmas […]

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    Holiday Decorating For Your Well-Being

    Yes, it is that time of year again. If you live in Panama, Christmas trees are already up in all the malls. Many studies have been conducted to show that lights can have a positive effect on our attitudes. By hanging traditional lights (not the crazy blinking ones which can cause undue stress by not […]

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    Holiday Recipes That Help You Lose Weight!

    Holiday Recipes That Help You Lose Weight! By Hillary Sepulveda The holidays are often recognized as the time of year we all put on those extra few pounds. At Panama Wellness Group, (PWG) we want to change that. So we have put together a list of holiday recipes with known metabolism boosting foods. Now […]

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    Surviving the Holiday Party Rush

    Holidays are so joyful and there is a lot of gratitude flowing along with libations for those who indulge, how to survive it all? Here are PWG’s Seven Tips to survive the Party! 1.  Buy a multi-faceted outfit to use in multiple parties. For Women:  By buying a red/black skirt, you can pair your outfit […]

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    TGIF Dark Beers vs. Light

    To continue the theme of playing this week, let’s talk about beer! Being it is the weekend and that most of Panama’s population will be drinking in the next few days, how do we decide on the healthy, alcoholic version of choices? The best choice is known, don’t drink! But what if you want to, […]

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    5 Simple Tips for Clearer Skin

    Having just landed in Panama a few days ago and started to sweat copious amounts of precious bodily fluid already, I have had quite the cleansing time for my skin. Although I now feel about 20lbs lighter than when I first arrived due to my water weight loss, I have definitely seen a big improvement […]