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    Organic vs. Non Organic when $$$ is an Issue

    When is money not an issue? For parents, couples and bachelors alike, PWG offers a quick guide to eating organic on a budget! People ask me all the time, as a nutritionist, if I eat 100% organic. The answer is a simple no. Why not, you may ask. Simple, really; with 4 children (3 teenagers […]

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    Vegan Treats: Vegan Gluten-free Coconut Macaroons

    One of the best things about vegan baking is that often, delicious treats that taste absolutely decadent turn out to be not that bad for you, and in many cases, actually good for you! The coconut oil in these is really great for your heart and your digestive system, as outlined in this fantastic article by fellow Panama Wellness […]

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    Five Artificial Sweeteners that lead to Sweet Suffering

    When it comes to diet, some things are easier to avoid than others. When people see a drink or food offering low calories, low fat or a “healthy” option, they immediately spring on it, devouring it like figure-conscious wolves. How can it be a bad thing when it has so few calories? How can this […]

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    The Humble Coconut: Healthy fats make you a mighty human!

    As I write this article, I am sitting here sipping a drink that is made from a product that is 92% saturated fat. No, it isn’t not lard cocoa or a bacon grease smoothie (although they are quite delicious, in a very acquired taste sense!). Instead, it is homemade coconut water, made from sieving creamed […]

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    Going Vegan: Delectable Dinners

    Call it what you will, – dinner, supper, cena, or even tea – the main meal of the day is serious business. Vegan or not, this meal is usually the one that you have time to dedicate to, and it tends to be your most nutritional meal of the day. When you become vegetarian, the challenge […]

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    Going Vegan: Make those lunches count!

    Has there ever been a more untapped resource than the humble lunch? Every single day literally millions of people pack together some food to eat on their only real break of the working day. That 8-or-more-hour slog is brightened, for many, by the one hour or 30 minute ray of sunshine during which they get to […]

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    Pineapples! Tropically Delicious

    Pineapples,  members of the bromeliad family, are a tropical fruit, that is neither a pine nor an apple. Most people not living within a tropical environment view pineapples as an ingredient of their pina coladas, so what makes it so interesting and nutritious to eat? Well, to start, fresh pineapple juice is packed full of […]

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    Going Vegan: Tackling Breakfast

    Of all the day’s meals, breakfast has to be the hardest. You’re tired, it’s cold, you’re in a rush, and the cat insists on trying to get in the shower with you even though she hates it, so you end up having burnt toast with peanut butter or, even worse, just a cup of coffee. […]

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    Food and 4 Tactics to be Emotionally Happier about it

    In my previous article, I set out how we can have unhealthy relationships with food and how this can make us unhappy and lead to various ailments, both physically and mentally. Here are some tactics that are useful for giving yourself only happiness when it comes to food. Remember, its not there to punish us, […]