Medical Tourism in Panama

medical-tourismAs CEO of Traveling4Health & Retirement, I often field questions about wellness resources in Latin America. The conversations often comes up among our 1,600 member base.

I am excited to have connected with the Panama Wellness Group (PWG) to whom I can refer people for information.

The Panama Wellness Group is a shining new example, offering a whole host of services to promote Medical Tourism in Panama to the many people who would like to combine a vacation to Panama while returning home in better health.

So many people prefer a holistic approach to health and medical treatments that I am delighted to do what I can to promote Panama Wellness Group.

To do that, I’d like to reach out to the wellness providers and their clients to ask for people I can interview for a campaign to bring attention to providers who have earned the trust and loyalty of their patients and clients.

My expertise is in getting the story of the patients told either through video interviews with patients and providers or by use of an aftercare survey software I am introducing to the industry.

I find that individuals committed to their own wellness are so excited by their treatment and lifestyle outcomes that they want to help others find the right path to healthy living by sharing their experiences.

We’ve got a way for you to play an important role getting their stories out there!

PWG are the first wellness company to use the “Getting Referrals on Social Media” software which enables patients to easily spread the good word on social media.

The reason the software is so important is that Google is giving companies a huge boost up in their ranking and online exposure, based on the number of organic reviews (the posting of reviews by real people).

We look forward to hearing from you if you have had good or bad experiences on your Medical Tourism in Panama trip.

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