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Panama Wellness Group is looking for writers who see our vision of

“All Things Wellness”


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Write for Us


Reason 1: You can make a real, tangible contribution to people’s lives. You can have a part in shaping how health and wellness is perceived and communicated globally.

Reason 2: You can expand your influence around the world. You will be discovered and enjoyed by the world as an expert in your field.

Reason 3: You can further your professional aspiration and desires. Integrative health and wellness is one of the most rapidly growing trends of “personal growth”; there is a large and increasing demand for relevant and thoughtfully written articles.

Reason 4: Our editors are knowledgeable in the health and wellness sector. There is a professional team of editors at your disposal to contribute in optimizing your article before being published.

Reason 5: You can contribute posts as often as you like and work at your own pace.


Thanks so much for your effort.